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Workers' Compensation: FAQ's

1. What is Pennsylvania workers' compensation?

2. What is a compensable workers' compensation injury in PA?

3. What diseases are covered by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act?

4. Must the injury occur on the employer's premises to be compensable under PA Workers' Comp?

5. What should I do if I suffer a work injury in Pennsylvania?

6. How should a work-related injury or disease be reported for purposes of workers' compensation?

7. How should an occupational disease be reported for purposes of PA Workers' Compensation?

8. When must my employer prepare an injury report?

9. What do my employer and its workers' comp insurance company have to do once I report a work injury?

10. What should I do if my employer insists that I use my sick time instead of workers' compensation?

11. How should I deal with a workers' comp insurance adjuster?

12. Should I sign a medical records release for the Workers? Compensation Insurance Company?

13. May I choose to treat with my physician under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act?

14. Must I treat with an employer-designated physician if my workers' compensation claim has been denied?

15. What wage loss benefits am I entitled to under PA Workers' Comp if I am injured on the job?

16. What wage loss benefits am I entitled to under workers' comp if I am still working but am not making the same amount I did before my work injury?

17. How are my wage loss benefits calculated under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act?

18. Do wage loss benefits in PA reflect wage increases that I otherwise would receive if I were working?

19. Will my wage loss benefits in PA be reduced if I receive benefits from other sources?

20. Am I entitled to partial workers' comp benefits if I am working but not able to work overtime or my second job?

21. What workers' compensation benefits are available if I suffer an amputation or a permanent loss of use of a body part?

22. Am I entitled to any workers' comp benefits if I suffer a burn, scar or disfigurement as a result of a work injury or disease?

23. What death benefits are available under workers' compensation in Pennsylvania?

24. What medical benefits are available under Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation?

25. What happens if my workers' comp claim is accepted?

26. What should I do if my claim is denied under Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation?

27. How long do I have to file a claim petition for Workers' Compensation in PA?

28. Should I hire a workers' compensation attorney in Pennsylvania if I?ve been injured at work?

29. How can I pay for a workers' compensation attorney?

30. How are claim petitions processed by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation in PA?

31. Are the issues in a workers' compensation case decided in a single hearing?

32. Are other benefits available pending the outcome of a workers' compensation claim petition?

33. Can I sue my employer because I was injured at work?

34. If someone other than my employer caused my work injury, can I sue them for negligence?

35. What medical information should I submit to my employer or its workers comp insurance carrier so that my medical bills are paid?

36. In workers' compensation, how can I avoid delay or denial of payment of my medical bills?

37. May I recover any penalties against my employer or the workers comp insurance company if there is an excessive delay in payment of my benefits?

38. What is a Utilization Review Request?

39. Must I submit to medical examinations?

40. Must I report employment and self-employment information to the workers' compensation insurance company?

41. What happens if my disability status changes after a workers' compensation claim has been accepted?

42. Can a workers' compensation insurance company stop paying benefits to me when I return to work?

43. What is the employer's obligation if I have only a partial recovery from my work injury or disease?

44. What is a vocational interview and must I submit to one?

45. If I was injured after June 23, 1996, what must my employer prove to show that I am not totally disabled?

46. What is a Final Receipt in a workers' compensation claim?

47. Is it legal for an employer to require me to sign a Final Receipt before I receive wage loss benefits?

48. What is the difference between a Final Receipt and a Supplemental Agreement?

49. Under what circumstances can my employer attempt to suspend or terminate my workers' compensation benefits?

50. What happens if my employer files a Petition to Terminate my workers' compensation benefits?

51. If I am disabled from performing my pre-injury job and I am receiving total disability benefits, are there any limits on the time during which I may receive such benefits?

52. What should I do if my employer is taking steps to reduce or terminate my workers? compensation benefits?

53. May the parties to a workers' compensation case settle a workers' compensation claim?

54. May the parties to a workers' compensation case use the services of a workers' compensation judge to help settle a case?

55. What happens if the record in my workers' compensation case is closed?

56. What are Sickness and Accident benefits?

57. What Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits are available?

58. What unemployment insurance benefits are available?

59. Are there additional benefits available to certain state employees?

60. Under what circumstances can a worker seek Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, formerly known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children?

61. What veterans' benefits are available?

62. What pension benefits are available?

63. May an employer terminate my employment after I have suffered a work injury?

64. Must an employer rehire me if I have recovered in part or in full from my work-related injury?

65. What is a "Notice of Compensation Payable?"

66. Do I have to use the doctors on my employer's panel list for PA workers' compensation?

67. If I'm walking to work and get injured, does the injury fall under workers' compensation?

68. How does my lawyer get paid for representing me in a workers' compensation claim?

69. Should I tell a workers' compensation doctor about prior injuries?

70. Can I change physical therapist when I'm being treated under workers' compensation in PA?

71. Can I get a second opinion and have it covered under Pennsylvania workers' compensation?

72. How do I know if my PA workers' compensations claim has been accepted?

73. How long do I have to report my injury for it to be covered under Pennsylvania workers' compensation?

74. What should I do if I get a notice for an independent doctor to review my PA workers' compensation claim?

75. Do I have to use sick time if I miss time due to a work injury?

76. What happens if I will never fully recover from my work injury?



Michael G. Dryden
Marianne Henry Saylor
Matthew W. Slater
Paul M. Della Franco


Collectively...the Blog


Work Injury or Just Another Day on the Job?
By Matthew W. Slater We all know that the demands of our jobs can take a toll on our bodies, particularly for workers with a job that is physically demanding or involves performing repetitious tasks. How often do you come home after a long day at work with complaints of back, neck, knee or hand...

Workers’ Compensation: A Workers’ Right that Warrants Protection
By Marianne Henry Saylor Early in the 20th century, many states enacted legislation making it easier for workers injured at work to receive compensation while disabled from work injuries. Workers were no longer required to prove negligence in civil court in order to receive compensation for work injuries. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act created an...

Restraints on Workers’ Compensation Statute Invalidated
By Alaine S. Williams There has been increasing movement on a national basis to reduce workers’ compensation benefits in various ways. These have taken the form of, for example, reductions in benefits, exclusions of certain conditions from coverage, more stringent reporting requirements, reduced eligibility periods, and – the most draconian – authorization for employers to opt-out...


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