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About our Firm

Willig, Williams & Davidson is one of the largest and most respected union-side labor law firms in the United States. Founded in 1979, our accomplished and diverse legal team focuses on representing labor unions, employee benefit funds, individual working people and their families. For nearly 40 years, our mission has remained the same – to level the playing field by helping unions and working families navigate a complex and sometimes intimidating legal system.

Willig, Williams & Davidson helps our clients develop real-world solutions to complex legal problems. Our lawyers in PA address issues creatively and teach clients to think in new ways. We work with our clients to find practical and efficient solutions to the problems that they face. We put our energy and expertise into action to help our union clients win strong wages, benefits and job security for their members, on a variety of legal fronts, including national, regional and local contract negotiations, dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration and court litigation; representation of employee benefit trust funds in tax and benefit law compliance issues; representation of individuals in discrimination matters, advocacy for injured workers, and assistance with individual union members' personal matters.

“Though there are many benefits to being represented by our firm, the breadth and depth of our practice areas are foremost,” said Deborah Willig. “We have the ability, for example, to walk down the hall and discuss the interplay in a given situation between an individual’s contractual rights, pension benefits and potential workers’ compensation claim. We deal with the legal, practical and real-world implications of each matter to more efficiently and effectively represent our clients."

Willig, Williams & Davidson is one of a handful of mid-sized firms in the United States that specializes in negotiation and litigation on behalf of employees who have suffered discrimination at work and who do not have the protection of a union. In an employment dispute, workers are often pitted against companies that have substantial resources to commit to defending against employee claims. Because we as a firm are committed to the representation of workers, we have assembled a premier group of litigation attorneys with the experience, resources and commitment that are necessary to win the fight against all forms of workplace discrimination and harassment.

"There are few things in life that are more devastating than the loss of dignity that accompanies a discriminatory termination. The loss of valued employment for some clients is nearly as difficult to manage as losing a loved one. The legal team at Willig, Williams & Davidson is committed to helping clients and their families with the anxiety created by job loss and to find solutions that help them move forward in their lives and careers," said Willig.

Our PA lawyers also address the wide variety of problems faced by working people, from bankruptcy to divorce or custody proceedings, to the purchase of a home or estate planning. We deal with complex legal issues that present themselves in people's everyday lives, ensuring that our clients understand the facts and the issues before them in order to make educated choices pertaining to their legal matters.

Our firm provides thousands of union members with Prepaid Legal Services during tough economic times. Our members receive thousands of hours of advice, consultation, document preparation, and in-court representation in matters that touch virtually every facet of their lives.

"Willig, Williams & Davidson is a firm committed to representing all of the needs of working families, the unions that represent them and the benefit funds that protect them," said Stuart Davidson.

The firm's clients are served by attorneys who possess excellent academic credentials and legal experience. Without exception, every attorney is dedicated to providing outstanding service to the firm's clients, the legal profession and the community.

"Our attorneys are not only skilled but passionate,” said Alaine Williams. “They provide what it takes to ensure that the labor movement not only thrives but also grows and increases economic security for all Americans."

At Willig, Williams & Davidson, we put our clients first. Our firm enables a wide range of clients from varied backgrounds - individuals and union workers alike - and from varied income levels to obtain quality legal representation. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional services and to building strong personal relationships with each client."