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Workers' Compensation Alert
April 2016 – Willig, Williams & Davidson

Understanding Workers' Compensation

Certified Workers CompWillig, Williams & Davidson's Workers' Compensation practice provides advice, counseling and legal representation to sick and injured workers to ensure that they receive 100 percent of the benefits required by law. Our certified workers' compensation attorneys use their extensive experience to guide sick and injured workers through the legal system so they can maintain their dignity and get the treatment and benefits they deserve.

Additionally, our work injury lawyers help long before an injury has occurred. We work closely with our union clients to identify injury trends and eliminate unsafe practices and conditions at work to prevent workers from getting hurt. Learn more about how Willig, Williams & Davidson's workers' compensation attorneys can help you by clicking here.

Workers' Compensation Practice Chair Michael Dryden Discusses Employee Rights Regarding Company Doctors

Michael Dryden
Philadelphia certified workers' compensation lawyer Michael Dryden discusses the rights an injured employee has in PA when visiting a company-designated doctor.

Philadelphia Workers' Comp Attorney Marianne Henry Saylor Discusses Reporting Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Marianne Henry Saylor
Attorney Marianne Henry Saylor reviews the requirements regarding the reporting of repetitive trauma injuries to an employer. Pennsylvania workers' compensation law states that employees have 21 days from the time the doctor diagnoses a repetitive trauma injury to report it.

News From the World of Workers' Comp

Court Decision Puts 'Medical Only' NCPs on the Clock

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently issued a decision that drastically affects an injured worker's entitlement to wage loss benefits following an employer's acceptance of a "medical only" claim. In Sloan v W.C.A.B., the court held that a claim for wage loss benefits following an employer's acceptance of a "medical only" injury must be filed within three years of the date of injury. Read more about 'Medical Only' NCPs...

How to Get Accurate Information About Your Rights Under Workers' Compensation

Most workers never even think about workers' compensation until they are injured. At that point, the worker is overwhelmed with being injured. Most information about their injury and claim is being provided by their employer or their employer's workers' compensation insurance company. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies are not obligated to tell an injured worker their rights under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Read more about Rights Under Workers' Compensation...

Understanding Mediations Under the PA Workers' Compensation Act

In its simplest terms, a "mediation" in a Pennsylvania workers' compensation case is a meeting between the parties in a dispute and an independent mediator, who is almost always another PA workers' compensation judge. The purpose of the meeting is to determine if the parties can agree on a fair way to either fully settle the claim or at least narrow the issues which may be in dispute with the assigned judge in your case. Read more about Mediations Under PA Workers' Compensation Act...

Workers' Compensation Q&A – Did You Know?

Our firm often answers questions about workers' compensation. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

Q: Do I have to use the doctors on my employer's panel list for PA workers' compensation?
A: The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act requires that an injured worker treat with the employer's panel list for the first 90 days. Read more...

Q: If I'm walking to work and get injured, does the injury fall under workers' compensation?
A: Injuries which occur while a worker is commuting to or from work are not covered under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Read more...

Q: When and how does a lawyer get compensated in a workers' compensation case in Pennsylvania?
A: Workers' compensation attorneys are paid on a contingency fee basis. Read more...

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