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Workers' Compensation Alert
February 2015 – Willig, Williams & Davidson

Navigating Workers' Compensation

No one expects to be injured on the job. When they are, the last thing on their mind is navigating the complicated world of workers’ compensation laws. Willig, Williams & Davidson’s certified workers’ compensation attorneys use their skills and specialized knowledge to help sick and injured workers through the legal system, so they can focus on one thing – getting better.

Our certified attorneys provide advice, counseling and legal representation to ensure that sick and injured workers receive 100 percent of the benefits required by law. Learn more at our website about how Willig, Williams & Davidson's worker's compensation attorneys can help you.

Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Part I – An Overview

Attorney Insights Video
Workers' compensation attorney Michael G. Dryden discusses the benefits covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation – what employers will cover and your rights in a lawsuit. Pennsylvania law allows for wage loss and medical coverage for the injured body part. Click here to watch the full video...

Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Part II – Claims Petitions

Attorney Insights Video
Michael G. Dryden provides information on what to do if your employer denies your injury claims. The Pennsylvania process for workers’ compensation claims and appeals is determined by your zip code. Click here to watch the full video...

Injuries that are Included in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

Attorney Insights Video
Marianne Henry Saylor, one of our workers' compensation attorneys, explains that Pennsylvania's statute clearly covers injuries such as slips and falls or tripping on steps. But other injuries that workers may not think about also can be traced back to working conditions. Click here to watch the full video...

News From the World of Workers' Comp

Attorney Matthew Slater Earns Workers' Compensation Law Specialty Certification

Certified Workers Comp Congratulations to Willig, Williams & Davidson associate Matthew W. Slater, who has been certified as a specialist in the practice of workers' compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Workers' Compensation Law Section. Philadelphia is home to fewer than 100 certified workers' compensation lawyers – four of whom are Willig, Williams & Davidson attorneys. Read more...

Workers' Compensation Q&A – Did You Know?

Our firm often answers questions about workers' compensation. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

Q: What diseases are covered by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act?

A: The PA Workers Comp Act provides a list of specific diseases which are recognized as occupational diseases. Even if you suffer from a disease which is neither specifically recognized nor meets the exact criteria, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Read more...

Q: How should an occupational disease be reported for purposes of PA Workers' Compensation?

A: It is your responsibility to report an injury or disease to your employer as soon as possible. The report should include an explanation of the time, place and type of injury and must contain information as to how the injury occurred and how it was work-related. Read more...

Q: Must an injury occur on the employer's premises to be compensable under PA Workers' Comp?

A: An injury does not need to occur on the employer's premises to be compensable under Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation. As long as your injury occurs while you are in the course of employment, the injury is compensable. Read more...

Q: What should I do if I suffer a work injury in Pennsylvania?

A: When you suffer an injury as a result of an accident or repetitive injury, you should give notice to your supervisor or any other person designated by your employer immediately. If you require medical treatment, you should request the list of designated health care providers approved to treat work injuries. You are required to meet with these physicians for up to 90 days after the date of your first visit to the doctor. If your employer does not have a list of approved doctors, seek medical treatment from any physician. Read more...

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