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Workers' Compensation Alert
June 2015 – Willig, Williams & Davidson

Understanding Workers' Compensation

Most workers never give workers' compensation a thought until after they have been hurt or become sick. Then, on top of dealing with their injury and medical treatment, they are forced into a complicated legal system without the proper tools to guide them. This is where Willig, Williams & Davidson can help. Our certified workers' compensation attorneys use their deep experience to assist sick and injured workers through the legal system so they can maintain their dignity and get the treatment and benefits they deserve.

Our workers' compensation attorneys utilize the firm's wide-ranging union-side practice to help further the cause of providing safe working conditions and fair benefits for injured workers. Learn more about how Willig, Williams & Davidson's workers' compensation attorneys can help you by clicking here.

Willig, Williams & Davidson Attorney Explains Injuries and Issues Covered in PA Workers' Compensation

Attorney Insights Video
Our workers' compensation attorney Michael G. Dryden reviews injury claims that are covered under PA workers' comp laws, including repetitive injuries, aggravation of pre-existing conditions and diseases, and environmental and exposure issues in the workplace. Click here to watch the full video...

Workers' Compensation Specialist Discusses Work Injuries Sustained During Travel

Attorney Insights Video
Attorney Marianne Henry Saylor reviews Pennsylvania workers' compensation where travel and premises injuries are included in coverage. Commuting generally is not covered, but Saylor discusses cases where special travel projects and work event injuries are covered by Pennsylvania law. Click here to watch the full video...

News From the World of Workers' Comp

Marking the 100th Anniversary of PA Workers' Comp

Workers who were injured in the early part of the 20th century had little recourse, but a seminal law passed in Pennsylvania in 1915 changed that. This year, we mark the centennial of the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, which gives no-fault protection to working men and women who are hurt on the job. Click here to read more...

Workers' Compensation Q&A – Did You Know?

Our firm often answers questions about workers' compensation. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

Q: What is Pennsylvania workers' compensation?

A: Workers’ compensation is also referred to as workers’ comp and workman’s comp. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides wage loss and medical benefits to compensation employees suffering from work-related injuries or diseases. Read more...

Q: What is a compensable workers' compensation injury in PA?

A: Compensable injuries can be the result of either specific incidents that cause an injury, or repetitive activity resulting in an injury. The former includes conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive movement. Read more...

Q: When must my employer prepare an injury report?

A: Under Pennsylvania law, employers are obligated to keep records of all injuries which occur on the job. Whenever such an injury results in the loss of a day, shift, or turn, the employer must complete Form LIBC-344, Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Disease. Read more...

Q: What do my employer and its workers' comp insurance company have to do once I report a work injury?

A: The employer should report your injury to its workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Under the law, the employer or its carrier has an obligation to investigate your injury report and pay compensation if due. Read more...

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