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February 2016 – Willig, Williams & Davidson

Do I Have a Common Law Marriage and Will the Social Security Administration Acknowledge It?

In some places in the United States, a couple can get married without a marriage license and without a civil or religious ceremony. This type of marriage is called a "common law marriage." Knowing whether you are (or were) common law married, and knowing how to prove it, can be very important, particularly when it comes to the financial benefits of marriage.

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Dividing Marital Assets in No-Fault Divorce - What's It Worth, and What Do I Get?

The adoption of no-fault divorce laws in Pennsylvania changed the primary focus of the divorce process. Under the former system, divorce proceedings focused mostly upon which spouse was at fault, i.e., who was responsible for the breakup of the marriage. Since the passage of no-fault divorce laws, however, the focus of divorce proceedings has shifted toward developing a fair way to divide marital assets between the spouses.

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Understanding Contested Adoptions in Pennsylvania

Adopting a child is a time of great joy, except when navigating murky waters. Contested adoptions arise in many scenarios, but they most frequently arise when the birth parent either cannot be located or does not respond to communications regarding the adoption, or the birth parent simply refuses to consent to the termination of their parental rights. Contested adoptions can be complicated and time-consuming, but they can be managed successfully with an experienced adoption attorney on your side.

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Philadelphia Attorney Scott M. Orloff Discusses the Family Law Practice at Willig, Williams & Davidson

Scott M. Orloff Scott M. Orloff, family law attorney for Willig, Williams & Davidson in Philadelphia, discusses the firm's work in divorce, child support, custody and adoption cases on behalf of parents, families, grandparents, same sex-couples, and more.

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Kathleen Tana Discusses Domestic Relations and Family Law

Kathleen M. TanaPhiladelphia family lawyer Kathleen M. Tana reviews Willig, Williams & Davidson's experience with family law in Philadelphia, its suburbs, and throughout Pennsylvania. The firm handles adoptions, paternity cases, prenuptial agreements, child support cases, child custody conflicts and much more.

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Understanding Family Law

Family Law"Divorce." "Child Custody." "Spousal Support." These words usually bring to mind unpleasant images of spouses fighting and children crying. Perhaps more than any other area of the law, family law requires both skilled legal acumen and a human touch. The Domestic Relations / Family Law Group at Willig, Williams, & Davidson is committed to supporting our clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

No client is just a fee or a file to us. The Philadelphia family law attorneys of Willig, Williams & Davidson understand that we are dealing with your life and your family. These simple facts affect everything we do for you; from the initial consultation to the final resolution of your case.

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Family Law Attorney Happenings and Headlines

Willig, Williams & Davidson attorneys are very active in the community and often serve on boards, speak at industry events, and make news headlines. Here are some of the firm's latest goings on:

Kathleen M. Tana Lectures on Adoption at Domestic Relations CLE for Pennsylvania Bar Institute

Family law attorney Kathleen M. Tana served as faculty for a full-day, 6-credit CLE program on domestic relations at the CLE Conference Center of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

Tana addressed adoption issues at the program together with a representative of Philadelphia's Family Court, which oversees adoptions in the Philadelphia court system.

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Featured Family Law Practice Area: Child Custody

For a parent or guardian, one of the worst situations imaginable is to be involved in a contested custody case regarding your child.

Whether a family law case centers on the filing of a divorce complaint or whether parties have never married, many couples find themselves having their first experiences with the court system by pursuing their rights to child custody or child support.

The domestic relations / family law attorneys at Willig, Williams, & Davidson come from many different backgrounds, but are all committed to the same thing – providing clients the best possible representation during what is often the most challenging times of their lives.

Every matter is important to us and our family law attorneys never lose sight of the fact that at the heart of every case are people at their most vulnerable.

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