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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation in Pennsylvania

Workers' Comp Lawyers Philadelphia PANo one plans on a work-related injury. Most workers never give workers' compensation a thought until after they have been hurt or become sick. Then, on top of dealing with their injury and medical treatment, they are forced into complicated legal system without the proper tools to guide them through. Willig, Williams & Davidson is committed to helping workers navigate that system, so they can focus on one thing - getting well. Our team of certified workers’ compensation attorneys use their skills to assist sick and injured workers through the legal system, so they can maintain their dignity and get the treatment and benefits they deserve.

Willig, Williams & Davidson's Workers’ Compensation Department provides advice, counseling and legal representation to sick and injured workers, to make sure that they receive 100 percent of the benefits required by law. Our work injury lawyers who practice in the area of workers' compensation, limit their representation to the protection of injured workers.

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Workers' Compensation Handbook

Our workers’ compensation attorneys utilize the firm's wide-ranging union-side practice to help further the cause of providing safe working conditions and fair benefits for injured workers. Unlike some other firms, our attorneys are uniquely suited to understand the complex interplay between workers’ compensation law and other employment rights, such as union benefits, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Act 534, and the Heart & Lung Act. Our attorneys use that knowledge to look beyond the workers’ compensation law and make sure that our clients' rights are fully protected.

And our work injury lawyers don't just help after the injuries happen. Willig, Williams & Davidson Pennsylvania attorneys work closely with our union clients to identify injury trends and eliminate unsafe practices and conditions at work before workers get hurt. We push the limits of the workers’ compensation law to force employers to stop illegal practices like refusing to pay loss of overtime to injured workers or illegally reducing benefits for injured retirees. We use our expertise and broad client base to leverage the best possible results for our clients, based on our firm belief that sick and injured workers deserve the best possible legal representation. We are proud to provide that service. 

If you have questions and would like to discuss a work injury or workers’ compensation claim with us, please feel free to call Willig, Williams & Davidson and its work injury lawyers at 1-866-413-COMP (2667) or 1-215-656-3600.

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